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Anti Social Facebook

If feeling unhappy and sad, why not bring everybody else down with your depressing status updates?

Looking at depressing statuses made by depressing people is just what you need when you’re recovering from a depressing day at work or school. Surveys suggest that people exposed to depressing status updates are more prone to commit suicide. 51% of people we asked had committed suicide and 65% of the remainder, were planning it due to their selfish associates. The Zuckerberg ‘master plan’ is not so much of great idea now, is it?

Modern statistics show us that three out of four people that use Facebook ‘stalk’ their lovers and ex’s. This is not a healthy idea as it promotes bringing up old problems in relationships and gives angry girlfriend’s  reasons to dump helpless ‘bf’s  who have most probably changed his ways since his mistakes. There is no privacy! There is no way you can speak to your crush without the whole cyber world knowing about it.

One more thing, what is a Facebook ‘like’? Why should people be judging other people’s thoughts and creations? Everyone should be able to ‘post’ freely without worrying about anybody’s opinion on your life. All it does is bring you down if someone doesn’t like your status.

Let’s go back to the good ‘ol days!

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Zola, Abbel and I, decided to create a short interview for our Speaking and Listening. Zola was the interviewer, I was the war hero being interviewed and Abbel was the cameraman. The clip was for a war hero and the theme was loneliness and guilt. We decided to show this by asking questions about how he felt at the time and after the time of the war in Afganistan. We showed guilt during this interview as the person being interviewed, was asked questions about the people he had killed during the war. This showed guilt and regret as he believed he was doing the right thing at the time by protecting and fighting for his country, but now that he thinks about it, he believes he was in the wrong as he was killing people who believed that they were also doing the right thing.

Loneliness was shown during the interview as a question was asked if the war hero was getting any counciling now that he had arrived back in England, but no was the answer. This made the audience believe that he was alone as he has nobody to talk to and is suffering from post-war depression. He feels that he has nobody to open up to and help him through his troubles.

Altogether, I think that the clip was a success and that we had shown all of the necessary feelings and emotion for the task we had been set.
If you get a chance, you should watching it, it’s good!

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How We Respond To Joe

One of the first things we respond to Joe is that we sympathise with him due to the situation he is in now. As he has broken his leg whilst descending the mountain, we feel fear for him as we can tell he believes he will die. It makes us feel sorry for him. “I’ve broken my leg, that’s it. I’m dead”. This shows us that Joe is upset and has accepted defeat. The simple sentence, “I’m dead.” tells us that Joe seems to have given up without trying, believing there is no point.
Another thing we respond to is how we doubt Joe. “I’m dead.” tells us that Joe believes he is about to die, which also makes the readers feel like he is going to die. He is not really expected to live through what he has been through after all the trauma that had went on with his leg.
After Joe had stopped worrying about his injury, he is somewhat inspired by simon’s determination and his morale starts to increase. Simon and Joe both start thinking of ways that they can get down the mountain. “If we dig a big bucket seat, I should be able to hold you”. This inspired Joe as it shows that Simon is trying hard to hold on to Joe so they can both survive the descent of the ‘Siula Grande’ even with Joe’s broken knee, other than Simon ditching Joe and making him find his own way back to the base camp.
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Welcome to your work blog!

Here you will be able to create, edit and receive feedback on pieces of work that you will complete as part of English. You will be able to use this as a way to develop your writing and thinking outside of class.

Everything that you publish here publicly can be seen by anyone with access to the web, but namely your fellow students, teachers and parents. So think carefully before you post, but equally remember this is a chance to experiment with your work and receive feedback. Don’t be scared to get it wrong. (Remember if you don’t want anyone else to see your work, you can always publish it privately and the blog will notify me so I can still respond.)

The blog will be a great place for you to learn and to have fun with your work, so make the most of it. Go forth and blog!


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